Ike Jime 3: Fish Killing 7 Ways

posted by Dave Arnold Ike-Jime aka Spinal Cord Destruction (SCD): a Japanese fish killing technique where the spinal cord and blood vessels are severed at the head and tail, a needle is threaded through the spinal column to destroy the spinal cord, and the fish is placed in water to bleed out. It’s unsettling but effective, as […]

Gonna Build Me a Rotovap Update 2: Vacu-Forming Nightmare

posted by Dave Arnold As readers of this blog might know, I’m building my own rotovap. See here and here. If you don’t know from rotovaps, see here. Here is the latest: The new rotovap is designed without a rotating vacuum seal—one of the crappiest parts of the laboratory system. The liquid to be distilled […]

Cocktail Science IV: All-Star Shake-off at Pegu Club Testing Shaking Differences Between Bartenders Qualitatively

posted by Dave Arnold This is the fourth Cocktail Science shaking post. The previous are: 1: Thermodynamics of chilling: why drinks get so cold 2: Temperature, Dilution, and Ice. 3: Why do my shaker cans get stuck together? We had established in Cocktail Science 2 that the type of ice (within reason) and the shaking […]

Summertime Apples: Pitfalls and Opportunities

posted by Dave Arnold For an intro to our apple project, see Two Hundred Apples a Day. Though most summer apples taste no better than their year-round commercially available brethren, there are a few varieties that are a real treat when picked at their peak. Unfortunately most growers bring them to market well before they […]