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  1. hey y’all – i found your blog through the article in salon and am so glad!! in the interview, you referenced a pressure-cooker garlic technique – were you talking about desensitized garlic? and do you know how to prepare it? i’ve been on a quest for quite some time to discover the alchemical secret of this magical transformation, but to no avail. any chance you’ll be sharing information about this soon? i’m dying to know!!

    1. Hi Bookgrrrl,
      What we do with the garlic is to pressure cook whole cloves in water or milk. Once they are pressure cooked they will not get their sting back even if you add raw garlic to them. Pressure cook at 15 psi for 15-20 minutes.
      If you roast garlic and eat a lot you will smell like it the next day. Not with a pressure cooker.
      If you blanch whole cloves in water and puree them they won’t get hot, but if you then add raw garlic, the whole puree will get hot. Not pressured cooked garlic.

      1. thanks so much for the information, dave! i have a whole group of friends that loves desensitized garlic – first i’m going to amaze them by serving some at my next cocktail party, and then i will share your formula (with proper credit given, of course).

        i look forward to following your blog and reading more about your culinary adventures. thanks!!

  2. Great site! We’re thoroughly enjoying reading your posts, and linked to one of them today at Food News Journal. Keep it up…we can’t wait to read more!

  3. David,

    I was a juicer at Tales this year, and after some research I’ve come across a question that few could answer. I read that “Cinnamon lowers the rate of cellular respiration in yeast.” ( ) While wikipedia is not the most scholarly of resources I was wondering what introducing cinnamon to something fermenting would do. Would this just slow alcohol conversion or could there be a benefit? I’m especially interested as I’ve begun distilling recently and am always looking to experiment. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sean,
      I had never heard that before. I’m going to see McGee in a couple of days. I’ll ask if he knows anything.

  4. I work at a recycler, we just got in some very large centrifuges that are on wheels. Beckman 65K RPM is one I saw. Also a -86ºC Cryo-blaster.

  5. Dave,

    I was your student for the last two days for the Sous Vide intensive classes. Thank you again. It was very informative. In lieu of your demonstration with the Ziploc bags I wanted to try our recipe for pork chops with them. While I was at the store I noticed Ziploc carried a product the called “Sous Vide” bags that came with a hand pump to “vacuum seal” them. I bought them and they worked quite well without having to do the dunk the bag in water part. I was wondering 1. If you have ever seen or used them before 2. If so, what results you achieved vs. regular Ziplocs and cryobags 3. If they follow the same health department guidelines as Ziplocs or cryobags regarding if you need a HACCP plan or not?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Brian,
      I have not used those bags. I’m guessing that the health dept. would be againt them because they specificallly forbid things like the foodsaver, which doesn’t have any better vacuum than a hand pump does (probably worse).

  6. Hi Dave,

    Im a cook in NYC, I’m applying for FCI now, and looking forward to check it out all the technology stuff at the school. I’ve been reading a lot about sous-vide and all… I was wondering if you know about purchasing used Polyscience immersion circulators (meaning cheaper way) or if you have try the sous-vide supreme?

      1. Hi Dave,

        Thanks for getting back to me. Hopefully I’ll start in April on the evening class. I’ll definitely stop by… Love the blog!!

  7. Random idea for you…. do you think there is any way to get CO2 vapor to carry an aroma? I was thinking how cool that would be in applications where you normally have to cover a smoke to keep it in for service; the CO2 would just sit there.

    1. Hi Michael,
      I know chefs who use both LN and dry ice to create a fog that carries aromatic vapors. It works quite well.

  8. ihad some desesitized garlic and roasted peppers can you please tell how to desenitize the garlic still left whole and still nice and crispy?

  9. Just found this blog- love it. I have some comments on using liquid argon instead of liquid nitrogen (my current office is in a gas chemistry lab; there are some subtle games you can play with different liquid gasses); math for reverse engineering recipes (eg the starbucks mocha frapaccino as an inverse problem); and I’m trying to find a flow cytometer (or hemocytometer or some microspopy equipment) to measure bacteria in homemade fermentations under different conditions. [effects on initial concentration and temperature on growth rates and flavor] Anybody want to chat about these things?

    1. Yes Blair. I’d love to chat about those things. Pretty soon we will be setting up forums that will be great for that, or you can contact us personally.

  10. I enjoy your blog but ever since you changed the site over the RSS feed is not working properly. Mr RSS reader (Akregator) states that it can not read the feed (invalid XML). This is the only blog I have this problem with so I am guessing that is on your end.

      1. No… thanks for living such an awesome life and then taking the time to write such impressive articles about it.

  11. Hi Dave, your RSS feed is still broken. The last entry I can see is the article on the “New Buchi” on June 28. I have tried different browsers and both macs and PC’s but get the same result.

    Is there any chance you can fix it? I find that using RSS feeds is the best way to keep up with dozens of information sources and although I can go directly to your site – that requires manual intervention on my part.

    I really enjoy reading your posts and look forward to the next instalment of the Low Temperature & Sous Vide Primer.

    Keep up the good work and I hope it is possible for you to fix the RSS problem.



  12. My wife and I greatly enjoyed your “lecture” at Harvard, 7PM, Sept 6–we would like to get more details about one item–where you took a circular strand and made more and more strands (over 8000)–it was wonderful–can you provide us with a printed or web site source

    Thank you

    Peter Schur MD
    Harvard Med School

    1. Howdy Doctor,
      Sure thing. Search on this website for Dragon’s beard. I have a post and video with instructions.

  13. they specificallly forbid things just like the foodsaver,I noticed Ziploc carried a product the referred to as “Sous Vide” luggage that came with a hand pump to “vacuum seal” them.

  14. Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    my name is Georg Hoffelner and I am writing for an european magazine called ROLLING PIN. We are one of the leading professional magazines for the gastronomy and hotel industry and always eager to present new ideas and techniques. This brings me to your blog: we are having this permanent series in our mag, where we show pretty special cooking techniques and I would love to present your ideas to the european scene. Do you think it would be possible to get hi-res pictures to some of your interesting/crazy/weird/hi-tech/extraordinary/best-tasting creations? I am talking about the whole series of production, so we could give some sort of a guide through the dish.

    I would be really glad if you could help me out in that matter and am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thanx in advance and Greetings from Austria

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