WANTED: Celebrity Skåls

At the top of our SkÃ¥l Wish List sits none other than Max von Sydow…

WANTED: Max von Sydown

The reward?  Your own, personal bottle of Cooking Issues Aquavit:

Cooking Issues Aquavit

I know what you’re thinking: Damn.  I really want to taste that Aquavit that everyone’s talking about… but I don’t know Max! Good news, ladies & gentlemen—we have an entire list of celebrities that we would LOVE to skÃ¥l.  If you happen to have a connection to one of the following celebrities and can get them to come in, you’ve just won yourself the opportunity to come in and skÃ¥l with them.  If you know a celebrity not on this list who might want to come in and skÃ¥l, let us know!  Also, if you’re dying to see your favorite celebrity come in and skÃ¥l, send us a comment  with their name and we’ll add them to the list.  Let’s get ready to SKÃ…LLLLLLLLLLLL!

(Please check back regularly as we will constantly be adding names to this Wish List!)

Alexander Skarsgård
Alicia Keyes
Andy Samberg
Ang Lee (who apparently once said that Aquavit was his favorite restaurant while Nils was Chef)
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ben Stiller
Beres Hammond
Bernadette Peters
Buju Banton
Carol Burnett
Christopher Walken
Culkin, Macaulay
David Sedaris
Dianne Feinstein
Dolph Lundgren
Enrique Iglesias
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Henrik Lundkvist
Henry Kissinger
Howard Dean
Jack Nicholson
Jackie Chan
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jean-Georges Vongerichten (we have a picture of his doppelganger and would love to post them side-by-side)
Jennifer 8 Lee
Jet Li
Jimmy Carter
John Edwards
John Kerry
John Stewart
Julio Iglesias
Justin Timberlake
Kelly Ripa
King of SwedenÑ Carl XVI Gustaf
Lauren Bacall
Lil Jon
Luke Wilson
Madeleine Albright
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maria Shriver
Mariano Rivera
Mary Louise Parker (who Dave met at an Esquire party and thinks is awesome)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg (who promised to go to Aquavit while Nils was Chef and, well… here’s your chance)
Merle Haggard
Meryl Streep
Michael Batterberry
Michelle Yeoh
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Mila Kunis
Oliver Platt
Owen Wilson
Patton Oswalt
President Bill Clinton
President George W. Bush
Ross Perot
Samuel L. Jackson
Seiji Ozawa
Stellan Skarsgård
Stephen Colbert (if he comes in, we will throw in a free event for our troops AND Nils & Dave will shave their heads!!!)
Susan Sarandon
Ted Kotcheff
The Donald (Trump)
Tim Conway
Tina Fey
Tommy Chong
Toni Morrison
Tracy Morgan
Umberto Eco
Vice President Dan Quayle
Vice President Dick Cheney
Vicki Lawrence
Will Ferrell
William H. Macy (our IT guy, Rob McDonald, is his doppelganger)
Yo-Yo Ma

10 thoughts on “WANTED: Celebrity SkÃ¥ls

    1. Good question Mike W,
      Especially since he has a website called dave and nils, or nils and dave, or something.

  1. You should add Chris Martin, cause he’s just sucha a cool guy – and Coldplay, who doesn’t like the music?

    Hälsningar frÃ¥n Sverige 🙂

  2. Since they co-starred with Max Von Sydow in the seminal cinema epic “Strange Brew”, I nominate Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis.

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