Please comment!

Readers: What do you think about the cartoon Nils and Dave?

We’re getting feedback that Nils looks mean and Dave looks goofy. In actuality, Nils is an extremely pleasant person and never ever looks as disgruntled as he does in cartoon form.

Dave, on the other hand, we had to pare down the goofiness for the cartoon (as all of you who know Dave will agree).

Please comment and let us know what you think. We may redraw the cartoons to more accurately reflect reality: a smiling Nils, a goofier Dave. Be careful what you wish for.

6 thoughts on “Please comment!

  1. Love the pictures of Daves and Nils! Great for a little laugh after having a long day at work. I took a couple of classes with the two and I could honestly say that they don’t look anything like that. They are some of the nicest chefs, teachers and people whom you will ever meet.
    Thanks for a terrific class Dave and Nils.

    By the way, love your new blog site, quite educational and promising!

  2. i think nils should have a smile and dave’s eyes should have a little more crazy in them. =)

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