Announcing Cooking Issues Forums!

We love our readers. You are a smart bunch of folks, and we want to know what’s on your mind –so we’re launching Cooking Issues Forums.
Some of the most enlightening information on our blog has come from reader comments. Unfortunately, we have to approve each comment before it goes up, and the subject matter is limited to what we are posting about. We want the exchange to be faster, and we want to take on a broader range of subjects – so we all get to learn more.


Cooking Issues is a niche blog. We have a point of view, and a pretty narrow range of topics that it makes sense for us to address. So we have some guidelines:
Stick to food –specifically, an analytical approach to cooking and eating, with or without the use of technology. We love blind tastings. We love careful observation. We love inquisitive people.
Where we ate brunch this weekend isn’t germane. There are plenty of sites better suited to discussions of where to eat and what to eat there.
The Cooking Issues forum content needs to stay rich and specific. We don’t want just another food forum.

The Rules:

  • Browse the primers before asking a question.
  • No ad hominum or personal attacks (Nastassia is the forum’s hammer. She can’t wait to ban someone).
  • Don’t make negative comments about another chef’s work. This is not the place.
  • Don’t bad-mouth other blogs.
  • Don’t be prissy about other people’s posts. No need to point out that they misspelled teh internetz. Remember, some of our readers use English as a second language. And Dave can’t spell either.
  • We have disabled personal messages on these forums because we want the discussions to be public. The Cooking Issues team will respond to open messages in the forum only.
  • Networking is fine. Talking about products is great. Don’t make us the shills for a corporation.

Getting Started:

Click the forums link at the top of the blog and register. The registration is mandatory to post. Without registration we will be inundated with spam –who needs another Viagra ad? Posts will go up in real time.
We have populated the forums with some subject headings we think are important; we will change them as you tell us to.

2 thoughts on “Announcing Cooking Issues Forums!

  1. yes .. looking forward to it and would love to order some of the stuff that removes the skin from oranges and stuff .. that rocks !!! See you all soon again at FCI .. or another event prior .. me and my raw chef colleagues love the stuff you are doing ! .. I look forward to learning so much ! M

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