Radio Show: Different Time, Special Guest –Dave Wondrich

by Nastassia Lopez

Dave Wondrich --scribe of the drink-- racing to an 18th century London pub for a pint.

This week’s Cooking Issues radio show will broadcast live tomorrow, Monday, from noon-12:45pm EST instead of our usual Tuesday (Itunes link here). We’ll be welcoming special guest Dave Wondrich – spirits and cocktail editor for Esquire magazine, author of many books including Imbibe, and undisputed authority on booze. Maybe we’ll hear a bit about his upcoming book, Punch. Please call in to 718-497-2128 with any historical, shaking, stirring, batching, alcohol-related questions. For those who can’t call in, email questions to Nastassia at


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6 thoughts on “Radio Show: Different Time, Special Guest –Dave Wondrich

  1. Ashamed to say – but I hadn’t heard of Dave Arnold until this Heritage Radio show. I am hooked – this is the real deal. Thank you for taking the time to educate us all! I love the radio format – this is my go-to podcast.


  2. So when are we getting information about how to clarify peach juice? That drink sounds like a great idea.

    1. Howdy Tucker.
      Peach Juice Clarification:
      Remove pits, blend in a vita-prep. Add 2 grams of pectinex sp-l and 1 gram of pectinex smash xxl per kilo puree. Mix. Use vacuum machine to de-aerate puree. Allow to sit for a couple hours (most purees only take about 20 minutes but peach seems to take longer). Spin in a centrifuge at 4000 g’s for 20 minutes. Done. Note: sometimes peach juice doesn’t clarify on the first spin. If that happens, let it sit and spin again. The peaches we have been getting are rather poor. The best results we’ve had so far with the drink were actually with nectarines (treated the same way), with a little bit of plum added.

  3. Second what Frank just said. A question for your next program. As a recent grad student and recently married I’m beginning to invest in cookware that I could hopefully pass on to my kids and grandkids. Hopefully replacing the Ikea stuff I cook with right now. Several of my university friends are on the same boat. Our first item on the list is a Dutch oven. A great friend just bought a Staub one and claims it’s much better that Le Creuset. Is that so?

    What turns me off from LC is the plastic knob, why oh why??? Also, why does everybody on the food network use LC instead of Staub? cause of quality or it’s just advertisement?

    Last one! Which should be the second enamel cast iron investment to make ?

    Thanks so much!
    – Julia

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