4 thoughts on “Cooked_Racoon

  1. Seriously, what the ###k is wrong with people. Absolutely nothing on this planet is sacred, nothing is safe from human vermin. Man is infiltrating every corner of this planet with destruction. LOWLIFE pieces of shit! Its unbelievable the depravity of man!

    1. Really Sandy? What is the difference between a whole cooked pig (a common foodstuff) and a whole cooked raccoon (also a common foodstuff in certain circles). You clearly don’t have any perspective at all on how our system of food operates. Eating this raccoon –where it is clear that an actual animal is being consumed, is far less “depraved” than eating boxes of styro-packed supermarket meat. I get so sick of people like you who don’t think about what they say. You either condone meat-eating, in which case you are irrational; or do not condone meat-eating, in which case your method of attack makes you a slug. If you have real beliefs, go after the main part of the animal slaughter industry, or the most horrific parts of it, or convince people not to eat meat, instead of spewing random invective.

  2. This is vile! how disgusting! these humans who did this should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!! Get with the picture and become human again! 🙁

  3. this is horrific! dont enough cows, pigs and chickens suffer for our food?

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