Cooking Issues Radio with Special Guest Jeffrey Steingarten

by Nastassia Lopez

Jeffrey Steingarten.

Cooking Issues will be live on the Heritage Radio Network tomorrow (Tuesday) from 12pm-12:45pm EST with special guest, and good friend, Jeffrey Steingarten. Steingarten has been the food critic for Vogue Magazine since 1989, is the author of several must-read books on food and eating, and sits at the judges table on the Food Network’s Iron Chef.

Dave and Jeffrey will be taking callers and answering all of your cooking issues at: 718-497-2128.  How often are you going to get to ask Jeffrey a question? As usual, if you’re not able to call in, email Nastassia your questions at (but we love live callers more than anything!).

If  you miss the show, be sure to download it on iTunes.

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The Cooking Issues Team

7 thoughts on “Cooking Issues Radio with Special Guest Jeffrey Steingarten

  1. Aw man, I don’t really have a question but I would love to hear the guys talk about French Fries. I just finished “The Man Who Ate Everything” and had read through the posts on CI about the perfect fry before getting to Jeffrey’s chapter on the same topic.

    While the CI crew got into the best way to cook fries Jeffrey spent a few pages waxing poetically about the best fat to cook them in… specifically horse fat. Considering that it’s been at least 15 years since he wrote that chapter, I’d love to know if he’s familiar with the research Dave, Nils, and crew have done and what he considers to be the attributes of a perfect fry.

  2. Hey, thanks for passing on my post. It was great fun to hear it close out the show on the podcast. 🙂

  3. Love the website and the podcast!

    What was the item Jeffrey had bought across the street and was going to cure? I heard it as “Peach Owls”.

  4. Re: someone’s question about de-heating habaneros… I read somewhere on the internet that capsaicin is especially alcohol-soluble. So, when I wanted to make some non-lethal habanero bitters, after peeling the inside membrane, I washed the peppers off in vodka briefly (30 sec or so) before using them for the bitters. The vodka used in the washing was intensely hot and not too peppery-tasting, leading me to think that it washed off more heat than flavor. The bitters turned out awesome, but still have a kick.

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