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An Update

September 1st, 2010 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

by Nastassia Lopez

Dave holding up traffic on Grand Street, as he pushes our new vacuum machine home.

A quick update on what’s happening around the lab (and apologies for the dearth of posts) —

Dave is currently putting the finishing touches on his Cocktail Stirring piece.

Interns have been crisping up beaver tails, playing with minerals, and working on new infusion techniques.

The New Yorker’s Michael Schulman talked to Dave last week about the recent egg recalls and salmonella outbreak (read the article here).

And our friend Mark Ladner, chef at Del Posto, graciously donated his enormous Ultravac 500 vacuum machine to the Cooking Issues team. Dave pushed it 2 miles along city streets from the restaurant to the lab today. Thanks Mark!

Many more posts to come. As always, thanks for reading.

-The Cooking Issues Team


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  • GregK

    Geez, that doesn’t look fun. Good things New Yorkers are patient and polite!

  • schinderhannes

    Wow, now you can put a live Pig and 2 bottles of Maderia in there and do a live marination!

    Yet another door to culinary perfection to open LOL

    • davearnold

      You laugh but I actually have an idea for “live” pig instant marination!


    BEAVER TAILS!!!!!! The deep fried heart attack or the zoo meat that you recently posted? I would love to see you guys expand on the former. Please

  • Kev

    What’s going on with the old Vacuum Sealer?

    • davearnold

      It had a few issues, but we’re going to get it working. It was donated so the price was right.

  • Tom Re

    This is beyond funny Dave, just as I imagined it. Btw porchetta=orgasmic

  • Sherman Unkefer

    Beaver tails? That got my attention – interested to see what becomes of that!