3 thoughts on “Live Tuesday, Cooking Issues Radio

  1. Hi Dave,

    Interesting comment on the sub taste level salt and sugar addition, I could not agree more. Sub taste level salt helps in coffee alot as well (I always add a pinch to the ground coffee).

    Also I don´t now any sauces that don´t benefit from minute amounts of sugar (and a tiny bit of acid). Sauces usually contain plenty of umami taste from the demi glace already, but this finaly leads to my question:
    Have you ever experimented with adding some MSG to drinks in a sub taste level?
    (With umami you probaly can add a lot cause most people will never realize the tase anyways, but I was thinking about small quntities, especially with Cocktails based on butter or cream….)

    1. Howdy Schinderhannes,
      I think this is an interesting question. If you don’t mind, I am going to repost your comment under the Cocktail Science Part 2 post I just put up. Readers of those comments might benefit.

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