Cooking Issues Radio Live Tuesday, December 7th

Cooking Issues Radio comes to you live on the Heritage Radio Network tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7th from 12:00pm-12:45pm EST. Please probe Dave with all of your cooking issues live at 718-497-2128 or have Nastassia relay them by emailing her at:

Thanks for listening to/downloading the show!

– The Cooking Issues Team

2 thoughts on “Cooking Issues Radio Live Tuesday, December 7th

  1. So Dave, if you really eat raw food for a week, I will personally come in and make you some raw pine nut cheese to go on top of your parmesan-restricted carpaccio [insert respectfully evil cackle here].

    Also, I am no welsher either… regarding the heat-heavy cocoa butter extraction process rendering “raw” chocolate products not really raw, the bar you ate shouldn’t have this issue. According to the maker’s website, the fat in the chocolate bar is actually cold pressed coconut oil, presumably made by a process that doesn’t require as much heat as making cocoa butter. ( So…definitely NO WELSHING!!!!!

    P.S. Under the strict laws of anti-welshing, I think we may need to make that vegetable and not animal carpaccio…muahhahaa…Sorry, Mr. Country Ham, Dave won’t be visiting for a while, but he’ll be back after dehydrating every raw nut known to man.

    Sigh..Miss you guys already! 🙂

    1. Also…I have Sarma’s second raw food book if you want to borrow it . But I love meat, I swear.

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