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Cooking Issues Radio: Live, Tuesday January 25th

January 24th, 2011 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

Howdy listeners!

Cooking Issues Radio  will be coming to you live on the Heritage Radio Network tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25th. From 12:00pm-12:45pm EST, Dave will be answering all of your cooking questions, so call in at 718-497-2128.  If you can’t get to a phone email thoughts and questions to Nastassia at: before the show.
Thanks for listening!
– The Cooking Issues Team


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  • Bud Trader

    This is going to be your weird inquiry of the day. I have a question about using a rotary evaporator. OK, so here goes…I want to separate the non-psychoactive flavor and aroma compounds from medical marijuana to use in the kitchen. I’m a medical patient here in San Francisco, and it is essentially legal here, so I have safe and easy access to MMJ.

    I wasn’t sure of where to send my question. I don’t always have an opportunity to listen to the radio show but I do check your blog almost everyday. I have learned so much from reading it. Thanks.

    • davearnold

      Howdy Bud Trader,
      Interesting problem. If you could figure out the boiling point/pressure curves for THC and related Cannabinoids you could run a vacuum distillation at a low enough temperature to distill off all the volatiles without volatilizing them or destroying them by overheating. That would get you everything more volatile than THC (all the aroma, a lot of the flavor). To get the less volatile stuff (larger bitter compounds, sugars, etc), you’d have to then distill off all the THC/etc and add the remaining part of the mixture to the lower boiling volatiles.

  • marv woodhouse

    Hi guys,

    was there a podcast this week?

    • davearnold

      Hello Marv –I missed my flight back to New York from Seattle on Tuesday so there was no podcast. We’ll be going strong this Tues.

      • Stephen

        glad to hear it I missed my Wednesday morning (NZ time) fix at work last week, I actually had to do some work for a change!