Cooking Issues Radio: Live, Tuesday January 25th

Howdy listeners!

Cooking Issues Radio  will be coming to you live on the Heritage Radio Network tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25th. From 12:00pm-12:45pm EST, Dave will be answering all of your cooking questions, so call in at 718-497-2128.  If you can’t get to a phone email thoughts and questions to Nastassia at: before the show.
Thanks for listening!
– The Cooking Issues Team

5 thoughts on “Cooking Issues Radio: Live, Tuesday January 25th

  1. This is going to be your weird inquiry of the day. I have a question about using a rotary evaporator. OK, so here goes…I want to separate the non-psychoactive flavor and aroma compounds from medical marijuana to use in the kitchen. I’m a medical patient here in San Francisco, and it is essentially legal here, so I have safe and easy access to MMJ.

    I wasn’t sure of where to send my question. I don’t always have an opportunity to listen to the radio show but I do check your blog almost everyday. I have learned so much from reading it. Thanks.

    1. Howdy Bud Trader,
      Interesting problem. If you could figure out the boiling point/pressure curves for THC and related Cannabinoids you could run a vacuum distillation at a low enough temperature to distill off all the volatiles without volatilizing them or destroying them by overheating. That would get you everything more volatile than THC (all the aroma, a lot of the flavor). To get the less volatile stuff (larger bitter compounds, sugars, etc), you’d have to then distill off all the THC/etc and add the remaining part of the mixture to the lower boiling volatiles.

    1. Hello Marv –I missed my flight back to New York from Seattle on Tuesday so there was no podcast. We’ll be going strong this Tues.

      1. glad to hear it I missed my Wednesday morning (NZ time) fix at work last week, I actually had to do some work for a change!

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