I Was Away

But now I’m back.

by Dave Arnold

Sorry for the 7 month pause. Excuses are lame, but I’ve been swamped with opening a bar, starting a business, writing a cocktail book…

I’m starting fresh. I’m proud of this site and my (overly lengthy) posts to date but — so that I can once again send you new information on a regular shedule — I am switching to a shorter format. I won’t compromise on accuracy, but I will post on subjects that I’m still in the midst of researching rather than just ones I feel I’ve completely exhausted.

Comments will take me a long time to sort through. I have 26,000 — most of them spam. I will get to your legit comments, I promise. In the meantime, the best way to ask me a question is through my weekly radio show, Cooking Issues, on the Heritage Radio Network, or possibly on my Twitter handle, @cookingissues.

The French Culinary Institute has asked me to change our header — Nils is no longer part of the FCI (he is busy doing other cool stuff) and the name of the FCI’s parent company is now called “The International Culinary Center.” Henceforth this will be the “International Culinary Center’s Tech N Stuff” blog.

Thanks for your patience; stick with me —


26 thoughts on “I Was Away

  1. Still reading! Good to see you back, and I enjoyed your piece as the Informant on the Huffington Post.

  2. Good to see you back! I was getting increasingly worried when your blog wasn’t showing up. I’m glad to know you haven’t gone away for good!

  3. Speak of the devil… I was just here yesterday wanting to catch up on your musings. I always get a little (or a lot of!) education and inspiration from each of your posts. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I still have plenty of Archives to catch up on but am glad to hear you are back. As a very busy independent owner/chef I value this blog for current, relevant, and unique information. I don’t know exactly how I apply what I find here, but it certainly adds to my arsenal of ideas. Thanks!

  5. Great joy to see your name pop up on my RSS feed. Many of us have missed your special brand of nerd cookery.

  6. Glad you are back. Previous posts were always enjoyable (specifically the tropical fruit in S. Fl. and the cocktail science stuff). Shorter, but more regular posts would make the blog a real winner. Looking forward to more reading. Specifically, did you say cocktail book? Go on…

  7. Glad to see you back… good luck with the new format. I’m insanely jealous of your recent trip to Tokyo, and am looking forward to your write-ups. If you need any tech help with the spam issues drop me a line.

  8. Willkommen zurueck von den Scheintoten!

    I was about to give up on you.
    BTW: 0.01% of those missing comments ware mine LOL

  9. Dave! I am actually beside myself with joy at your return. Glorious news! Thank you for everything so far!

  10. Dave, I’ve been following the blog for some years (I commented in the pressure cooker section on using them at altitude), and it was a real treat to take my wife out to Booker and Dax while we were visiting NYC for a few days last week. We are California natives so don’t make it out to the east coast very often. We split 6 drinks between us Sunday night, and 4 on Monday. There wasn’t a dud in the bunch, we were only sad that the alcohol was taking such a toll on us that we couldn’t try more. It was also nice to meet the man behind the blog (and the drinks), so thanks for chewin’ the fat with us for a while. I’ll take your advice on bleaching the crap out of our centrifuge. Oh, and WD-50 was out-of-this-world, I’m glad we opted for the new prix fixe menu.

  11. THANK YOU!

    I periodically checked in, hoping for a sign of life. Glad to see you’re still with us. I hope you’ll get around to continuing the great work you’ve started with your sous vide primer.

  12. “Comments will take me a long time to sort through. I have 26,000 — most of them spam.”

    Maybe you should add an authenitcation system, like captcha, to at least filter the bulk of the bots.

    1. I’m trying to, but having issues with the theme, wresting control of my files, etc.

  13. The man is finally back! What a great day to see the site running again.

  14. Yay! So happy to see you’re back. I had even stopped obsessively checking every day for new content (excuses are lame, but I was busy with work, …). And now I see you have a post up about Tsukiji, which I love love loved. Happy day.

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