The Practical Philosophy of Fish-Killing and The Ike-Jime Man

by Dave Arnold Ike-Jime is Japanese fish killing technique. In general, Japanese technique is the most advanced in the world, although Australia and New Zealand are pioneering fish anesthetics that advance fish killing even more. Two reasons to care about how your fish are killed: proper technique insures the best quality fish, and is the […]

Ike Jime 3: Fish Killing 7 Ways

posted by Dave Arnold Ike-Jime aka Spinal Cord Destruction (SCD): a Japanese fish killing technique where the spinal cord and blood vessels are severed at the head and tail, a needle is threaded through the spinal column to destroy the spinal cord, and the fish is placed in water to bleed out. It’s unsettling but effective, as […]

Japanese Fish-Killing: Ike Jime Smackdown Part 2

posted by Dave Arnold The Results: If you don’t know Ike Jime, read our Ike Jime saga in Ike Jime Part 1 here. When we left off, Chef Suzuki had sashimied up a bunch of fish for us to taste. Unfortunately, the fish was really too fresh. The oldest fish in the bunch had been dead only […]