Harold McGee Lecture Series

************SHAMELESS PLUG FOR OUR CLASS*****************

A scientist, a chef, and a food technologist walk into The FCI. What happens next? An emulsion of science, food, and deliciousness. On November 4th, 5th, and 6th Dave and Nils will be joined by Harold McGee, renowned author of On Food and Cooking and one of the world’s most respected authorities on science and food, for their interactive Harold McGee Lecture Series.

They will explore the fundamentals of science and food techniques, covering everything from simple culinary skills (application of heat in cooking) to cutting edge approaches (hydrocolloids, rotary evaporation, ultrasonic homogenization) that are being applied in some of the world’s most progressive kitchens.

Think you know everything about the egg? Think again.

How hot should your grill be when cooking a steak? And for how long? Most likely your tried-and-true method is all wrong—or at least we’ll poke fun at it.

Come to the class to start thinking like a scientist in the kitchen. Or just come to watch a mind-blowing discussion and demo from three of the country’s top food nuts (McGee isn’t so nuts but he is really nice).  Sign up here.

*********We now return to our normally scheduled program.  But seriously, the class is fun. McGee does the science bit and Nils and Dave run around like lunatics doing demos.*******************************

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