Thanksgiving Skoal

posted by Nastassia Lopez

(Hey, what is this Skål Project anyway?)

Thanksgiving is about pigging out with the relatives, so for this Skoal roll, we’re highlighting people that are in some way related to one another.

First up, two guys who look related:

Jean-Georges Vongerichten: World-renowned chef, author, and four-star restaurateur. Has restaurants in the US, UK, Shanghai and Hong Kong
Eamonn Bowles: President of Magnolia Pictures, a film company that specializes in independent films like Food Inc; passing resemblance to JG.

Two of our friends rocking blue:

Marcus Samuelsson: Ethiopian born Swede; chef and co-owner of Aquavit; friend of FCI.
Jeremiah Bullfrog. Miami's own. Chef to Rick Ro$$. Friend of the blog.

Related by marriage:

Aaron Sanchez: Executive Chef and owner of the restaurants Centrico and Paladar; freqent guest on Iron Chef; host of the Food Network show Chef vs. City.
Ife Mora: Wife of Aaron Sanchez; Lead vocalist for afro-punk band SwEEtie.

Related through romance and work:

Zac Palacchio and Jori Emde: he runs Fatty Crab, she designed Cabrito. Both host the show "Urban Foragers" on the Heritage Radio Network.

A sous-vide pioneer, and a supplier of all things sous-vide:

Bruno Goussalt: The "Sous-Pope" of sous vide cooking; Chief Scientist at Cuisine Solutions; trained chefs like Robuchon and Ducasse on sous-vide cooking.
Philip Preston: Senor circulator; President of Polyscience; creator of the Anti-griddle and the Smoking Gun; really cool science guy and friend of Cooking Issues.

Related to FCI:

Wendy Knight: PR afficionado; press wrangler for FCI; travel writer; lover of Vermont.
Alexandra Boardley: Wendy's right-hand gal; resident of the dirty Jerz; recently engaged (congrats!)

Related to Dave:

Ridge Carpenter: Sister-in-law of Dave Arnold; kick-ass designer; mother to Orson.