Pectinex Ultra SP-L For Sale

Pectinex Ultra SP-L --makes your oranges smile.

Ahoy Readers!

You asked for it, you got it.  Pectinex Ultra SP-L is on its way. We’ve ordered a 25 Liter pail from Novozymes and we’d like to share it:  $20 for a 250 mL bag of the stuff.  

See last week’s post to read how we’ve been using Pectinex Ultra SP-L to maximize our flavedo.  

For every liter of enzyme solution we add 2 grams of Pectinex Ultra SP-L and 1 gram of Pectinex Smash XXL.  250 mL of Ultra SP-L is enough to de-albedo a whole citrus grove.  Keep in mind, for citrus fruit, Novozymes advised us that Pectinex Ultra SP-L works best when mixed with Pectinex Smash XXL. There’s still a good amount of the XXL left in our pail for those who haven’t already purchased some from us.

We’re using the same ordering procedure for both the XXL and the SP-L. Go to and use my email address –  $20 per bag, plus $5 shipping.

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28 thoughts on “Pectinex Ultra SP-L For Sale

    1. The company says to store the enzymes between 0 and 10 degrees C. I believe the company told me they are in primo condition for 6 months to a year. We had some we stored for over a year and it still works, but we dose a little higher. Here is what is says on the data sheet: “The product has been formulated for optimal stability. Extended storage or adverse conditions such as higher temperature or higher humidity [probably not applicable to liquid preparations] may lead to higher dosage requirements.”

    1. Hi Jorgen,

      If you’re willing to pay the shipping and wait a few weeks for delivery, we’ll see what we can do.


  1. dave… thanks for the info on the egg bread… waiting for pc to cool right now…. i spoke to gusmere in fresno today.. i am meeting with them tomarrow. i’m working on samples from them.. one guy there is interested in sous vide cooking i’ll horse trade a little. they don’t know what we are using xxl for and want me to review… they think there is a powder that may work too. lee

  2. I was in your level 3 lecture on Sous Vide last month and last night made some of the pressurized pickled starfruit for my buffet…(we try it out next week). I came upon your photos for the pommelos and immediately thought of a ‘project’ I wanted to try… Today on my way home from FCI I bought a dragonfruit in chinatown and wanted something cool to do with it. After seeing Chef Ferran Andre on 60 minutes tonight I was reading this article about him on the New York Times and came upon an idea to do ‘fruit sushi’ with the fruit cut up in rectangles to resemble rice and black sesame seeds… but the complaint is that orange sections don’t really look all that salmon like. Then I came upon your grapefruit experiment and well i hope you see where this is going- the pink and white grapefruit or a pommelo would be a great fit for salmon and tuna sushi and your Pectinex Ultra SP-L and Pectinex Smash XXL would be an even better look for them! I will have to stop by and pick some up.

    Im not sure I was able to convince my chef to use it for buffet but – I think it will look great with melted chocolate (‘soy” dipping sauce) and some green tea ice cream that could be super frozen into smallish quenelles that wouldn’t melt so quickly…(my ‘wasabi’)

    Finally this video convinced me I have to try to make ‘salmon roe’ too! (basic spherification with some strawberry mango sauce to form the roe?)

    but I don’t have a clue as to what I’d need to get this texture. Can you help?

    1. Hi Alyson,

      Stop by the Tech Hole on the 4th floor when you have a chance and we can explain!


  3. Hi Dave, I told you they had an enzyme that did this. took your hydrocolloids class in 2008 and told you about a post that I saw on egullet so there you go. so is this stuff still available?

  4. What is the best method for storing the SP-L and Smash? Should they be kept in the refrigerator?


    1. Hi Brian,

      We’re currently out of Pectinex and we’re not shipping internationally. when/if we do, we’ll post on the site.

      1. Hi Nastassia, I’d like to try this on a significant volume (54 litres) of apple juice. Will 25 ml be sufficient for that volume? Do you have any left? Do you still ship to Canada, above you say you do not ship internationally but often I know that doesn’t include Canada. In reading some of the posts it is said that the shelf life is about 12 months but this post was started about 17 months ago, is it the original product that was purchased in March 2010? If so, what can I expect for results?

        1. Hi Kelly,

          Please email Herve Malivert at the FCI – he is now in charge of mailing Pectinex orders. His email is: We tend to keep the stuff for at least a year – never been able to hang onto it for longer than that. It will be able to clarify 54 litres of apple juice. We usually use about 1-2 oz per liter. Let me know if you can’t get ahold of Herve. My email is

  5. Great, i’d love to get some off you guys when it becomes available again. and of course if u will ship overseas, as we are having a tough time getting a hold of it

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