They’re Going to Put Me in the Movies

Howdy Readers!

If you get back from the bar in time, we’re going to be mixing drinks on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight at 12:35am EST on NBC.  We’ll have the video up on the blog tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “They’re Going to Put Me in the Movies

  1. That looks like a tasty drink maker. Have you developed a home version for my pleasures and flavor times? Please organize a unit for me. Go well.

  2. Hey Loved you guys mixing drinks on Jimmy Fallon Show.

    I would love to try one of those Gin and Tonics.

    Looks perfect.

  3. So a cucumber walks into a bar. Bartender sez “What’ll you have?”

    Cucumber sez, “Gimme a shot of vinegar and keep ’em coming. I wanna get pickled.”

    *rim shot*

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