13 thoughts on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  1. holy crap they gave you a brand spanking new rotovap!!!! congrats!!! i’ll be dropping by the school to say hi one of these days

  2. Great clip! That handy CO2 nozzle that you guys have on the plastic 2-liter bottle of G&T looks like the only piece of hardware that I could possibly afford. Do you mind telling me what that is and where I could get one?

    1. Hi Marty,
      Sure. The cap is made by Liquid bread (www.liquidbread.com). They are available in many homebrew shops. I use 20 pound CO2 cylinders which can be refilled at any welding supply shop. The fittings are ball lock connectors (aka pepsi, aka universal beverage connectors) used for the old pre-mix soda biz. These fittings are also available through homebrew shops. The cheapest place to get empty CO2 tanks, regulators (make sure you get the high pressure one, most beer regulators don’t go high enough), 1/4 soda hose, ball lock fittings, etc is Mark Powers and Company (http://www.markpowers-and-company.com/) out of Guntersville Alabama.

  3. Loved the show but would like to point out one thing: Hendrick’s Gin is NOT supposed to be used with lime juice as you suggest in the segment. If anything, use cucumber as you do in the dispkay before with the freezer… but Hendrick’s Gin is NEVER supposed to be used with lime… EVER!

    1. Howdy Timen,
      I will have to respectfully disagree on that point. I took an informal poll of the heavy hitters around here -including David Wondrich, and he assures me I am within my taste rights to use lime.

  4. I have Had my Mixology License for 23 yrs and I am Disabled now and never had the Opurtunity to work or Play with Liquid Nit or the new Dist Machine youall have that was Awesome Display wish I could See more that was Cool Thanks.

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