Mixing it Up in London

posted by Nastassia Lopez

We’re here in Islington, London where Dave was invited to demo in Bar 10’s London Cocktail Summit. 

When we return to New York, Dave will publish our new tests on stretchy ice cream and write another installment for Cooking Issues’ mammoth Sous Vide Primer.  Until then, here’s a look at what’s going on in London.

Tony Conigliaro's Bar, 69 Colebrook Row, where demo prep is happening.

This Tuesday and Wednesday, Dave and master mixologist/friend, Tony Conigliaro will give a demonstration on Classic Cocktails with a Technological Twist.  Our good friend Harold McGee will lecture on cocktail science both days. 

Dave distilling with a new Buchi rotovap.

 At the moment, Dave is distilling product for the show in Tony’s lab (which is just as cramped, gadgety, and filled with booze as ours) above his bar, 69 Colebrook Row.

Hanging out inside Tony's lab.

If any of our UK readers are in the area, come by the Cocktail Summit and say howdy.

5 thoughts on “Mixing it Up in London

  1. Dave did you bring your Red Hot Poker.looking at the weather a rum flip will do just fine

  2. Hello there. Sorry for contacting you via the blog – I should have realised that you were in London! I help run the London Gastronomy Seminars, which is very much like a London-version of the Experimental Cuisine Collective. Tony Conigliaro has presented at one of our sessions and we are good friends with Harold McGee.

    We were wondering if it would be possible to reproduce (with full acknowledgement) some of the fantastic material from your sous vide primer for our session on Meat Cookery & Sous Vide on 22nd June?

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