Cooking Issues on the Radio

Howdy readers!

The Cooking Issues radio show on Heritage Radio Network will be on haitus this week, so please save up your questions for next Tuesday’s show at noon (July 13).

If you can’t call us live, email Nastassia with your questions at and we’ll try to get to as many as we can on air. 

In the meantime, listen to last week’s show here. 

-The Cooking Issues Team

4 thoughts on “Cooking Issues on the Radio

  1. Would you guys be able to look at adding it to iTunes? Would make it really easy and accessible for those of use in different countries.

    Really enjoyed the first show btw.

    1. Thanks Brian. We’ll ask Heritage if they have an iTunes version of the show.

  2. Just finishing up listening to the first podcast now. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of callers on the first show, I’m sure allowing us to email in questions will solve that problem! People don’t listen live anymore unless you are doing rabid right wing radio. BTW on dry ice, if listeners want to buy less than 20 pounds at a time, call around to fish counters at grocery stores. A lot of times they can sell you a pound or two at a time, which is a lot more practical for home use. (Depending on your home).

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