The Practical Philosophy of Fish-Killing and The Ike-Jime Man

by Dave Arnold Ike-Jime is Japanese fish killing technique. In general, Japanese technique is the most advanced in the world, although Australia and New Zealand are pioneering fish anesthetics that advance fish killing even more. Two reasons to care about how your fish are killed: proper technique insures the best quality fish, and is the […]

Cooking Issues Goes to Tsukiji

by Dave Arnold   Tsukiji is the largest and most important of Tokyo’s wholesale markets. Unlike any other market I’ve visited, the selling at Tukiji is organized into auctions between large wholesalers and middlemen. These middlemen are still wholesalers in the US sense, and they resell their goods to smaller markets, restaurants, and consumers. You […]

To Salt or Not To Salt –That’s the Searing Question

by Dave Arnold Should you salt meat before you sear it? I thought the answer was always yes. But the answer is: it depends. My Previous Position: Some cooks don’t like to salt before they sear because, they say, salted meat loses juices. But who cares? Losing juice does not mean the meat won’t be […]