Harold McGee on Cooking Issues Radio, Monday, March 21st

Howdy Readers, Our buddy Harold McGee is going to be Cooking Issues Radio’s special guest this week!  The show will be coming to you on MONDAY at 12pm EST, instead of  our regular Tuesday spot.   This is your chance to call in and ask McGee anything your heart desires.  Dave and McGee will be at: 718-497-2128. If you can’t get […]

Mesoamerican Miracle Megapost: Tortillas and Nixtamalization

by Dave Arnold Becoming a Mexican grandmother is one of my lifelong goals. I am proud to say I’ve achieved one of the major milestones: learning to nixtamalize corn and make tortillas from scratch. Along the way I’ve uncovered some cool facts and developed a eurotortilla made from nixtamalized rye.  Next step: learn Spanish. Nixtamalization […]

Cooking Issues Radio: Live, Tuesday January 25th

Howdy listeners! Cooking Issues Radio  will be coming to you live on the Heritage Radio Network tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25th. From 12:00pm-12:45pm EST, Dave will be answering all of your cooking questions, so call in at 718-497-2128.  If you can’t get to a phone email thoughts and questions to Nastassia at:  lopez.nastassia@gmail.com before the show. Thanks for listening! […]

Fantastic Stochastic Masa: Finally a Good 3-D Food Printing Application

by Dave Arnold Last year Cornell University’s Fab@Home program gave us a 3-D printer (read the post here)  that uses syringes to make any 3-D shape you like –out of any paste you like.  Fab@Home asked me to find a great application for 3-D printing food.  Last week, I finally did. Problem: CNN Money was […]