Spin Gel Clarification

Posted by Dave Arnold Purpose: Clarify difficult-to-clarify lime juice Techniques Used: Gel clarification, centrifuging The holy grail of clarification is lime juice.  Lime juice doesn’t last long enough to gel clarify, can’t be heated enough for traditional clarification, doesn’t filter well, and takes 48,000 g’s to spin in a centrifuge. In short, it’s a clarification […]

Enzyme Clarification

Posted by Dave Arnold Chadzilla had a good question about enzyme clarification: What is it? Many fruit juices, like apple and cucumber juice, are cloudy because of particles stabilized by pectin. You can use enzymes, like pectin lyase, to break down those pectins.  We use a brand called Pectinex Smash by Novozymes.  Simply add 1-2 […]