Spin Gel Clarification

Posted by Dave Arnold Purpose: Clarify difficult-to-clarify lime juice Techniques Used: Gel clarification, centrifuging The holy grail of clarification is lime juice.  Lime juice doesn’t last long enough to gel clarify, can’t be heated enough for traditional clarification, doesn’t filter well, and takes 48,000 g’s to spin in a centrifuge. In short, it’s a clarification […]

Corny Corn McCorn. The Corn Syrup King.

Posted by Dave Arnold Tomorrow the school is hosting a premiere party for the movie Food, Inc. The movie rightly comes out against the factory food system here in the U.S. Our dependence on monoculture corn is called out in particular. I thought it would be hilarious to serve some fancy-dan corn syrup at the […]

Centrifuged Walnut Oil

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Our first problem with our “new” centrifuge: no cups to centrifuge product in.  We ordered bottles, only to find that they didn’t fit our centrifuge.  After calling to exchange them, we were still chomping at the bit—Dave wanted to centrifuge and he wanted to centrifuge now.  One of our interns, Ricardo […]