Just another flavor separation technique

posted by Mindy Lvoff As I was discussing how to describe (and understand) “countercurrent chromatography” (CCC) with Dave and our friend, Philip Preston of Polyscience (who stopped by FCI today to hang out for a while), Philip summarized the process as “just another flavor separation technique…”  Easy to say when you’re a genius, but I […]

Skåls of the Week, 7.27.2009

(Hey, what is this SkÃ¥l Project anyway?) Good things come in threes…  For your skÃ¥l viewing pleasure, here are some sets of three skÃ¥ls: Three photos of two brothers: Three old-school 4 star French chefs: Two Bloggers and a Rock and Roll Manager makes three: And three ballet dancers!   Finally, we’d like to introduce you […]