New Hydrocolloids Primer

Posted by Mindy Lvoff In our effort to keep you both entertained and informed, please check out our new Hydrocolloids Primer (which is mostly the informed part of that combo). All current and future primers can always be accessed on our Primers page. If the Hydrocolloids primer piques your interest and you want learn more, […]

How to saber a bottle of champagne (or any bubbly)

Posted by Dave Arnold Last Sunday my cousin, James (the guy who drew the cartoons for this blog), introduced me to his buddy, Devin Coldewey, a tech stuff reviewer for CrunchGear. He brought with him the coolest point-and-shoot camera I’ve ever seen, the Casio Exilim FC-100 (his review here).  This thing costs $300 and shoots […]

Polenta-free Polenta

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Besides an impromptu margarita tasting during last week’s Hydrocolloids Intensive class, Nils and Dave also discovered a new recipe for polenta—one that doesn’t require the use of dried polenta, or any grains whatsoever. Instead, Nils and Dave use gellan, Kelcogel F (aka: low acyl), to turn a full-flavored chicken, porcini, and […]

Crème Anglaise: Sous-Vide vs. Low Temp

We tend to use a lot of crème anglaise around here, usually as a base for ice cream, and we like to make our crème anglaise sous-vide because it’s a much easier process (see below).  As a follow-up to our post about the effects of vacuum levels on protein texture, we decided to compare our […]