A quick note: it's Skål or Skoal, but not Skal

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Sorry for the confusion, everyone!  We have been honoring the true Swedish spelling of the word skÃ¥l, using an “a” with a small “o” sitting above it.  This has caused some questions as to whether it’s skoal or skal.  The definitive answer: “skoal” is acceptable, but using “skal” is not the […]

We have the capability to build a custom rotovap: better, faster, stronger…

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Remember what I said before about Dave custom-building solutions to the problems he perceives in almost every standard piece of equipment?  Well, as he posted last week in Gonna Build Me a Rotovap, he’s focused his problem-solving tinkering on his favorite toy. Goodbye fragile (expensive) glass bulb and water bath, hello […]

Cold Buttered Rum

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Remember that butter syrup that we mentioned in our Red Hot Poker post?  You know, the one where we emulsified butter and water together with the help of a handy little blend of gum arabic and xanthan gum from TIC Gums (TIC Pretested Ticaloid 310 S).  Well, we found that just […]

Centrifuged Walnut Oil

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Our first problem with our “new” centrifuge: no cups to centrifuge product in.  We ordered bottles, only to find that they didn’t fit our centrifuge.  After calling to exchange them, we were still chomping at the bit—Dave wanted to centrifuge and he wanted to centrifuge now.  One of our interns, Ricardo […]