Star Chiefs –The Cocktail Demo with Recipes

by Dave Arnold At this year’s Star Chefs conference I whipped up some beaver-flapper puffs for the crowd to munch on (see here for recipe), and Nils and I liquored everyone up with a passel of cocktails. Our 75 minute demo showcased three different techniques at three different attainability levels: rapid N2O infusion (within anyone’s […]

Gonna Build Me a Rotovap Update 2: Vacu-Forming Nightmare

posted by Dave Arnold As readers of this blog might know, I’m building my own rotovap. See here and here. If you don’t know from rotovaps, see here. Here is the latest: The new rotovap is designed without a rotating vacuum seal—one of the crappiest parts of the laboratory system. The liquid to be distilled […]

We have the capability to build a custom rotovap: better, faster, stronger…

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Remember what I said before about Dave custom-building solutions to the problems he perceives in almost every standard piece of equipment?  Well, as he posted last week in Gonna Build Me a Rotovap, he’s focused his problem-solving tinkering on his favorite toy. Goodbye fragile (expensive) glass bulb and water bath, hello […]