Star Chiefs –The Cocktail Demo with Recipes

by Dave Arnold At this year’s Star Chefs conference I whipped up some beaver-flapper puffs for the crowd to munch on (see here for recipe), and Nils and I liquored everyone up with a passel of cocktails. Our 75 minute demo showcased three different techniques at three different attainability levels: rapid N2O infusion (within anyone’s […]

Scotch and Peanuts in the Centrifuge = Some Funky Stuff.

posted by Dave Arnold The weather’s getting chilly again, so L’Ecole (The FCI’s restaurant) asked me to start thinking about this year’s crop of Red Hot Poker drinks. (If you don’t know about the poker and our modern take on 18th century drinks, look here.) I  brainstormed with Alexis Kahn, who, along with many other duties,  runs L’Ecole’s beverage program. She […]

Taylor W. Hubble – The Tech Department's Guardian Angel

posted by Nastassia Lopez This May, Dave’s wish for a centrifuge came true when Unilever donated their old Sorvall RC2-B to the school’s Tech department.  The ‘fuge has a permanent home in Dave’s lair, and though it’s built like a bomb shelter, and not the most elegant instrument, this big guy is refrigerated and can […]

Centrifugation: Spin it Faster. More More.

posted by Dave Arnold We asked for comments on centrifugation and got some really great responses—so many, in fact, that we wanted to do another post. If you don’t know about centrifugation (what’s a rotor, what are g forces, why the hell should I care, etc., etc.) see our other posts here and here. To recap, […]