Star Chiefs –The Cocktail Demo with Recipes

by Dave Arnold At this year’s Star Chefs conference I whipped up some beaver-flapper puffs for the crowd to munch on (see here for recipe), and Nils and I liquored everyone up with a passel of cocktails. Our 75 minute demo showcased three different techniques at three different attainability levels: rapid N2O infusion (within anyone’s […]

Tech The Halls: Easy Holiday Cocktails and Treats

posted by Nastassia Lopez It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Holiday in the lab. A thick layer of liquid nitrogen has settled in, our intern Fabulous is canvassing local Christmas tree stands for fallen pine branches, and the drinks are flowing. Wednesday night Dave and Nils hosted the FCI holiday cocktail demo. They […]

Cocktail Science: Does Crushed Ice Dilute More?

posted by Dave Arnold      A while back we did a post on whether or not the type of ice you use in a shaker affects the dilution and temperature of your finished cocktail. Turns out it doesn’t (most of the time). For the nitty-gritty see here and here. Most people say, “Yeah, I know about […]

Holiday Cocktail Course

The alcohol has been flowing in the lab. The rotovap is working again, master bartender/mixologist/friend Tony Conigliaro is in town, and today we abused ourselves by tasting all of the horribly old liquor in Dave’s liquor cabinet. What we’re hinting at is: ********ANOTHER SHAMELESS PLUG FOR OUR CLASS************* Wednesday, December 2nd, from 6:30pm-8:30pm Dave and Nils […]