Drinking With Dave: The Bangkok Daiquiri

by Paul Adams Welcome back to Cooking Issues. It’s been a while. The blog here got a little bit snowed under with male-enhancement spam while the staff’s attention was on other things, but I volunteered to come shovel it out–I spend my days at Popular Science–and now posting shall resume! What’s Dave been busy with? […]

Star Chiefs –The Cocktail Demo with Recipes

by Dave Arnold At this year’s Star Chefs conference I whipped up some beaver-flapper puffs for the crowd to munch on (see here for recipe), and Nils and I liquored everyone up with a passel of cocktails. Our 75 minute demo showcased three different techniques at three different attainability levels: rapid N2O infusion (within anyone’s […]

Ka-Boom: Liquid Nitrogen Safety Rules are There for a Reason!

posted by Dave Arnold Last week we had our first liquid nitrogen *incident.* No one was hurt, but it emphasizes how important safety rules are. For more information on liquid nitrogen safety, see our LN primer. While moving our 160 liter LN dewar from the 4th floor to the second floor of our building the dewar got […]

New! Liquid Nitrogen Primer.

posted by Dave Arnold You asked for it, you got it. A liquid nitrogen primer. Nils and I wrote an article on freezing for the September 2009 issue of Food Arts Magazine. The piece included a short section on liquid nitrogen (LN or LN2), and I have greatly expanded it here for the blog. Important: […]

Best way to chill a glass? With liquid nitrogen.

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Remember that “wish list” we talked about in our centrifuge post? One of our “dreams come true” was getting our liquid nitrogen dewar. People questioned whether or not we’d be able to find enough uses to justify a 160-liter dewar… Well, we have. In fact, we order refills from TW Smith […]