Cocktail Science IV: All-Star Shake-off at Pegu Club Testing Shaking Differences Between Bartenders Qualitatively

posted by Dave Arnold This is the fourth Cocktail Science shaking post. The previous are: 1: Thermodynamics of chilling: why drinks get so cold 2: Temperature, Dilution, and Ice. 3: Why do my shaker cans get stuck together? We had established in Cocktail Science 2 that the type of ice (within reason) and the shaking […]

More Cocktail Science: Why Do My Shaker Cans Get Sucked Together?

posted by Dave Arnold  You’ve no doubt noticed that when you properly shake an alcoholic drink, the parts of your shaker are drawn tightly together by an internal vacuum force.  Why does this happen and how big is the force? A couple of cool things are happening when you shake.  First, the air that’s in your […]

Cocktails: The Science of Shaking

Posted by Dave Arnold Last week I participated in a seminar at Tales of the Cocktail entitled, “The Science of Shaking.” The panel was put together by moderator Eben Klemm (head of bar programs for the B. R. Guest restaurant empire, well-known innovative cocktail guy, and former biologist) with Alex Day (famed bartender from Death […]

Cold Buttered Rum

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Remember that butter syrup that we mentioned in our Red Hot Poker post?  You know, the one where we emulsified butter and water together with the help of a handy little blend of gum arabic and xanthan gum from TIC Gums (TIC Pretested Ticaloid 310 S).  Well, we found that just […]

Best way to chill a glass? With liquid nitrogen.

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Remember that “wish list” we talked about in our centrifuge post? One of our “dreams come true” was getting our liquid nitrogen dewar. People questioned whether or not we’d be able to find enough uses to justify a 160-liter dewar… Well, we have. In fact, we order refills from TW Smith […]