Star Chiefs –The Cocktail Demo with Recipes

by Dave Arnold At this year’s Star Chefs conference I whipped up some beaver-flapper puffs for the crowd to munch on (see here for recipe), and Nils and I liquored everyone up with a passel of cocktails. Our 75 minute demo showcased three different techniques at three different attainability levels: rapid N2O infusion (within anyone’s […]

Simple Agar Clarification vs Gelatin Clarification: Another Difference

posted by Dave Arnold One difference between simple agar clarification and gelatin clarification is that gelatin clarification has the ability to clarify and concentrate at the same time while simple agar clarification does not. For those who don’t know agar clarification see here. For those who don’t know how to clarify liquids with gelatin, here it is: […]

Boozehound Alert: Agar Alcohol Clarification Plus Some Thoughts.

posted by Dave Arnold High alcohol fluids can’t normally be clarified with gelatin because they can’t normally be adequately frozen. A couple of years ago, the guys over at Tailor at the time (Sam Mason and Fran Derby) had the idea to freeze the gelatin laced liquor with LN; when it thawed, it clarified. Brilliant. They […]

Agar Clarification Made Stupid-Simple: Best Technique Yet

posted by Dave Arnold Upshot: Anyone with a packet of agar and a whisk can clarify fragile fresh juices, or anything else for that matter, in under an hour with zero pieces of special equipment. The yield on the technique is high—as good as gelatin clarification. Read more for details. Long Story: Yesterday I wrote […]

Major Clarification Breakthrough from Ideas in Food

posted by Dave Arnold Aki and Alex from Ideas in Food have hit on a major breakthrough on clarification: the use of a vacuum machine to get clarified liquid from agar gels. Occasionally, I see ideas so good I’m pissed I didn’t think of them myself. This is one of those. Everyone who reads our […]