Boozehound Alert: Agar Alcohol Clarification Plus Some Thoughts.

posted by Dave Arnold High alcohol fluids can’t normally be clarified with gelatin because they can’t normally be adequately frozen. A couple of years ago, the guys over at Tailor at the time (Sam Mason and Fran Derby) had the idea to freeze the gelatin laced liquor with LN; when it thawed, it clarified. Brilliant. They […]

Margaritaville with science: agave nectar vs simple syrup.

posted by Dave Arnold Nils and I finished teaching a two-day intensive hydrocolloid class today so we hadn’t managed to get any posts together. At the end of the class the perfect Friday evening post presented itself. One of the people in the class said how much he liked to use agave nectar in his tequila drinks. Nils and […]

Cold Buttered Rum

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Remember that butter syrup that we mentioned in our Red Hot Poker post?  You know, the one where we emulsified butter and water together with the help of a handy little blend of gum arabic and xanthan gum from TIC Gums (TIC Pretested Ticaloid 310 S).  Well, we found that just […]

Vitamin G: Get your dosage from Dave Arnold

Posted by Mindy Lvoff If you missed Dave and the tech team Thursday night at ISI’s Sugar and Whips event, then you’re in serious need of a “Vitamin G” infusion: house-carbonated, celery-infused Tanqueray gin mixed with fresh-squeezed sour orange juice (I dare you to challenge Dave to a citrus-juicing contest), Dolin’s Blanc Vermouth, and a […]

The Red Hot Poker: Dave Arnold gives us one more reason to drink

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Purpose: Create bar-friendly, next generation loggerhead to make delicious hot cocktails Techniques Used: Hot Pokering, Beverage-ignition Equipment Used: One homemade Red Hot Poker. Optional Equipment: heat-resistant/fire-retardant mitt and protective goggles. It all started with making the perfect hot buttered rum. What makes Dave and Nils so creative and driven is the […]