Vitamin G: Get your dosage from Dave Arnold

Posted by Mindy Lvoff

vitamin gIf you missed Dave and the tech team Thursday night at ISI’s Sugar and Whips event, then you’re in serious need of a “Vitamin G” infusion: house-carbonated, celery-infused Tanqueray gin mixed with fresh-squeezed sour orange juice (I dare you to challenge Dave to a citrus-juicing contest), Dolin’s Blanc Vermouth, and a touch of simple syrup, lime acid, and salt. Most of the gin that he used was vacuum-infused with roughly 800 grams of celery, thinly sliced against the grain, then strained through a coffee filter. A portion of the gin was blended with celery in the Vita Prep then rotovap-infused. It takes a lot longer to infuse this way and requires a little more water-balancing afterwards because of the high-proof, but the product is crystal clear and takes on an aromatic-celery flavor with less, earthy vegetal notes.

Each liquid-nitrogen-chilled champagne flute was filled with Vitamin G before being topped off with a thinly sliced ginger chip, achieved using none other than the Hobart 3000 slicer. Paper-thin ginger sheets were blanched in simple syrup before being dehydrated until delicately crisp. Ginger on a gin and sour orange juice cocktail—definitely fulfilling your daily Vitamin G requirement.

If you’re interested in learning more about high-tech cocktails from Nils and Dave directly, check out the upcoming 2-hour High-Tech Cocktails class offered by The FCI’s Recreational Division.