A quick note: it's Skål or Skoal, but not Skal

Posted by Mindy Lvoff

Sorry for the confusion, everyone!  We have been honoring the true Swedish spelling of the word skÃ¥l, using an “a” with a small “o” sitting above it.  This has caused some questions as to whether it’s skoal or skal.  The definitive answer: “skoal” is acceptable, but using “skal” is not the same thing.

On a PC, you can recreate “Ã¥” by holding down the Alt key and pressing the number sequence: 134  (Alt+134)

If you would like to write the word “skÃ¥l” on a Mac, simply use your Keyboard Viewer to change your default language to Swedish.  The “[” button will appear on the keyboard viewer as the “Ã¥” button.

We hope this helps you in your skÃ¥l discussions!  If you’re interested in the proper pronunciation of skÃ¥l, please click here.  And of course, you can learn more about skÃ¥ling and why we skÃ¥l here.

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  1. There’s a much easier way to do that on a Mac than changing the deafult language; just hold down option and hit a!

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