Road Skoal: San Francisco

posted by Nastassia Lopez (Hey, what is this SkÃ¥l Project anyway?) Flying across the country to skoal Merle Haggard gave us a good excuse to have some San Francisco chefs, writers, and culinary friends pose for a skoal shot. Dave, Nastassia, Harold McGee, Flo McGee (Harold’s daughter) and the official Road Skoal Photographer, Travis Huggett, gassed […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Merle Haggard Skoals.

posted by Dave Arnold (Hey, what is this SkÃ¥l Project anyway?) We are starting the new year off with a bang. We flew across the country and skoaled country music legend Merle Haggard –one of our musical heros. Readers might remember our excitement at the opportunity to meet Mr. Haggard, expressed here. How do you […]

Holiday Skoal! Special Bonus: Holiday Pictures and Dave's Favorite Christmas Cookie

posted by Nastassia Lopez and Dave Arnold (Hey, what is this SkÃ¥l Project anyway?) To celebrate the season of good cheer and good eats, we’ve compiled some of our favorite food-folk skoals. First up, a gang of New York City’s top chefs: And people who like to eat their food and write about it: Too Many Cookies: Making and Shipping FCI’s Holiday Cookies, […]