Sous-Vide and Low Temp Primer Part II: Cooking Without a Vacuum.

posted by Dave Arnold For part one of the primer, an introduction to low-temperature cooking and sous vide –including some funky charts– see here. I got a bit long winded again.  I  intended to have Part II of this primer cover all forms of packing and preparing for low temperature cooking.  It was getting way too long – so here’s […]

Sous-Vide and Low-Temp Primer Part I

posted by Dave Arnold  We have had a lot of requests to make last week’s low-temp charts available for download. Here you go:  We are often accused of being long-winded. Guilty. When we looked at the sous-vide primer, however, even we thought it was too long—so we decided to break it into parts. We hope […]

Crème Anglaise: Sous-Vide vs. Low Temp

We tend to use a lot of crème anglaise around here, usually as a base for ice cream, and we like to make our crème anglaise sous-vide because it’s a much easier process (see below).  As a follow-up to our post about the effects of vacuum levels on protein texture, we decided to compare our […]

Sous-Vide Intensive

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Nils and Dave teach three Advanced Studies courses at The FCI: Hydrocolloids, Harold McGee Lecture Series, and the first class of 2009—Sous-Vide. The two-day Sous-Vide Intensive covers the “what” and history of low temperature and sous-vide cooking (read on for more on why they’re not synonymous), and then spends the majority […]