Whole Fish à la Cooking Issues

posted by Dave Arnold Cooking a large whole fish is challenging.  It’s easy to overcook the outside, leave the inside raw, or both. This problem keeps cropping up for me. You see, my stepfather Gerard has three interests: drinking wine, smoking cigars, and  surf casting for striped bass. He’s an accomplished fisherman, and he catches nice big guys –36-40 inches […]

Pressed Duck: A Photo Diary

 posted by Nastassia Lopez In the library of The FCI there lives an ancient, rarely utilized duck press.  It sits on a block of wood—trophy style—and as Chef Jeremiah pointed out, “There are only two things missing on it: a basketball and a name plate.” Traditionally, pressed duck is prepared like this: The duck is […]

Sous-Vide Intensive

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Nils and Dave teach three Advanced Studies courses at The FCI: Hydrocolloids, Harold McGee Lecture Series, and the first class of 2009—Sous-Vide. The two-day Sous-Vide Intensive covers the “what” and history of low temperature and sous-vide cooking (read on for more on why they’re not synonymous), and then spends the majority […]