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Good Old Rib-Sticking Eggplant Parm–with Tech

May 11th, 2009 · 1 Comment · eggplant

Posted by Dave Arnold

At the FCI we constantly hammer home that technology isn’t only for cutting-edge food. New techniques are just as helpful with old-style comfort food. My wife wanted eggplant parm for Mother’s Day. Eggplant is notorious for becoming greasy. It is a sponge. I used our vacuum machine to make it better. Just salt the eggplant, pop it in a vacuum bag, seal under full vacuum and voila! The eggplant is squished flat—no more air holes to soak up oil. I also added a little ascorbic acid (vitamin C), to make sure they stayed green because I just can’t help myself.

eggplant texture modified in a vacuum bag

eggplant texture modified in a vacuum bag

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