Microwave Vacuum Dehydration: failed experiment

posted by Dave Arnold In response to a rotovap post, Asbel Reyes wrote: What’s your thoughts on marrying a microwave, a superfreezer, a cold trap, and vacuum for instant freeze drying? Well, I haven’t tried that exactly; but I have dabbled with microwave vacuum dehydration (MVD). In October 2006, Johnny Iuzzini and I were working on […]

Good Old Rib-Sticking Eggplant Parm–with Tech

Posted by Dave Arnold At the FCI we constantly hammer home that technology isn’t only for cutting-edge food. New techniques are just as helpful with old-style comfort food. My wife wanted eggplant parm for Mother’s Day. Eggplant is notorious for becoming greasy. It is a sponge. I used our vacuum machine to make it better. […]