Skoals of the Week 9.28

posted by Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez

(Hey, what is this Skål Project anyway?)

This week we had our biggest Skoal ever: the audience at our Star Chef’s Demo.

Star Chef's Audience: How many chefs/culinary gurus can you spot?

Click on the photo caption for a bigger version.  Check out the errors our panorama program created.  There are some doubles, some ghosts, a dude wiping his own face off. Etc.

And the photographer behind it (and the awesome shots from the demo):


A doctor, pro-photographer, and lover of silk shirts.
John Sconzo, anesthetizes people (not fish), pro-photographer, blogger, and silk-shirt rocker.

3 thoughts on “Skoals of the Week 9.28

  1. Love this project, that’s a fantastic photo. Ever considered contacting the world records people and checking for the “most people having a shot”? 🙂
    Can you drop me a line when you come to London please? I’d love to skal and also make you my version of a Silver Bullet cocktail using your aquavit if poss.

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