Live Dienstag von Berlin: Kochen Issues Radio

Guten Tag! 

Dave is currently in Germany, giving a lecture on the science of shaking/stirring at the Berlin Bar Show with our friend Eben Klemm.  We hate reruns just as much as the next guy, so Cooking Issues Radio will be recorded live tomorrow (Tuesday) from the land of wurst, lager and schnitzel during it’s regularly scheduled noon-1pm EST slot. 

With the help of our Heritage programming buddies, listeners can still connect to Dave via telephone: 718-497-2128.  If you can’t make it to a phone, email questions to Nastassia before 10am Tuesday:

We’re expecting quite the show!  Thanks so much for listening.



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  1. during a stage in Lime Peru I was taught to only squeeze a lime in hand squeezer half way to reduce the amount of oil released by the skins, you waste a lot more lime but your flavor is MUCH better…

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