The Spirit of Radio

This week’s Cooking Issues radio show will be streaming live on the Heritage Radio Network tomorrow (Tuesday) from 12pm-12:45pm EST, so remember to call in with your questions at 718-497-2128.  It makes us happy to hear your voices.  If you can’t make a call, email questions to Nastassia at and we’ll answer them in the […]

Cooking Issues on the Radio

Howdy readers! The Cooking Issues radio show on Heritage Radio Network will be on haitus this week, so please save up your questions for next Tuesday’s show at noon (July 13). If you can’t call us live, email Nastassia with your questions at and we’ll try to get to as many as we can on air.  […]

Stretch Today, Gone Tomorrow: Potato Ice Cream 2

by Dave Arnold We  love our stretchy potato ice cream. Read about it here. Our interns enjoy dipping it in liquid nitrogen: Here’s  the recipe.  We use sous-vide, but you can make this ice cream base traditionally, too. Ingredients: 250 ml milk (cold) 250 ml cream (cold) 160 grams sugar (cold, if possible) 1.5 vanilla beans, scraped 2.5 grams salt 5 egg yolks (cold) […]

Radio Gaga: Dave Gets an Internet Radio Show

Starting tomorrow at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time (US), Dave will host Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold, a 45-minute long call-in show on the Heritage Radio Network.  He’ll be doing the show every Tuesday at noon. Anyone can call in to the show and talk about their cooking issues.  The questions don’t need to be […]