Glass House Project: Breaking the Rules

Posted by Nils Noren In late 2007, I participated in a panel discussion at the Philoctetes Center about the five senses. Each of the panelists represented one of the senses; obviously, I was there to talk about taste. The other participants were Greg Calbi, master sound engineer, worked with such artists as John Lennon and […]

Experimental Cuisine Collective Anniversary Symposium

Posted by Mindy Nguyen On Monday, Nils participated in the Experimental Cuisine Collective’s symposium, “From Science to Sensation,” discussing how and where science and food intersect. If you’re following us here on the blog or have had the pleasure to dine on a dish that Nils has prepared, then you no doubt have an appreciation […]

"Food for Thought" – Nils & Dave host the Philoctetes Organization at The French Culinary Institute

Posted by Mindy Lvoff The Philoctetes Center is an organization that strives to bring together thinkers from various scientific and artistic backgrounds to discuss the processes and factors that influence a final outcome, whether that be technological innovation and artistic expression, or negative outcomes such as violence and genocide. Thought leaders from academic, clinical, and […]