The Trials of Transglutaminase—The Misunderstood Magic of Meat-Glue

by Dave Arnold Transglutaminase (TG) –aka meat glue, the stuff that allows you to bond proteins together –has been taking a pounding in the blogosphere recently and, as a proponent of the enzyme, so have I.  At the risk of preaching to the converted (sorry, loyal readers) I’m setting the record straight.  TG is a great tool used […]

Museum of Food and Drink Butt-kicking Kick-off Lunch

by Dave Arnold Two weeks ago, Nastassia, Patrick Martins (founder of Slow Foods USA and Heritage Foods), and I staged an epic lunch at Del Posto restaurant with some of the best chefs and bartenders in the world (who, luckily, are some of our best friends). The lunch was the inaugural fundraiser for The Museum […]