Carrot & Cardamom Oysters

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Purpose: Change the flavor of a raw oyster through live-infusion Equipment Used: Rotor-stator homogenizer Oysters are little filters, eating what they strain out of the saltwater around them, ultimately tasting like what they have consumed—they are what they eat. Dave and Nils were discussing French Marennes oysters, which are green because […]

The Three Brandy Cheese Course

Posted by Mindy Lvoff Purpose: Find a use for the heavy solids left behind after vacuum-distillation Techniques Used: Rotary Evaporation (rotovap), Vacuum Infusion, Pressure Cooking Add the following to your “must do before I die” list: Try Nils & Dave’s Three Brandy Cheese Course. No, I’m not exaggerating. Just writing about it is evoking a […]