To Salt or Not To Salt –That’s the Searing Question

by Dave Arnold Should you salt meat before you sear it? I thought the answer was always yes. But the answer is: it depends. My Previous Position: Some cooks don’t like to salt before they sear because, they say, salted meat loses juices. But who cares? Losing juice does not mean the meat won’t be […]

Spin Doctor: Looking Inside My Centrifuge

by Dave Arnold Centrifuges spin quickly, using centrifugal force to separate mixtures based on density: separating lighter oil from heavier nut solids, for instance, or separating clear delicious juice from heavier pulp. Don’t have a centrifuge yet? What are you waiting for? It is the must-have kitchen gadget from 6 years in the future. If […]

Voiding Your Warranty: Hacking Electric Pressure Cookers

by Dave Arnold Warning! I do this for a living. Following my path will void your warranty and expose you to possible injury or death. I love pressure cookers. They were designed to cook quickly and save energy, and also to sterilize and can foods. But that’s not why I love them. Pressure cookers can […]

Tropical Treats Tasting Time Part One: February in Florida

by Dave Arnold If you hate things that are awesome stop reading now. If you are still reading: do whatever it takes to get to the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead Florida, an hour south of Miami. South-Dade is the Mecca for tropical fruits in the continental US, and the Fruit and Spice Park […]