Skoals of the Week 9.28

posted by Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez (Hey, what is this SkÃ¥l Project anyway?) This week we had our biggest Skoal ever: the audience at our Star Chef’s Demo. Click on the photo caption for a bigger version.  Check out the errors our panorama program created.  There are some doubles, some ghosts, a dude wiping his own face […]

Skoal to Spinal Chords, Ike Jime and Mokume-Gane: the Star Chefs Demo

posted by Nastassia Lopez (photos courtesy of John M. Sconzo) Dave and Nils brought down the Star Chef’s house with the final demo of the International Chef’s Conference: High-Tech Delicious.   The Mokume-Gane Dish They started the demo off with a mokume-gane of lamb and yellowfin tuna. After molding together the two proteins with meat glue, Dave […]

Skåls of the Week, 7.27.2009

(Hey, what is this SkÃ¥l Project anyway?) Good things come in threes…  For your skÃ¥l viewing pleasure, here are some sets of three skÃ¥ls: Three photos of two brothers: Three old-school 4 star French chefs: Two Bloggers and a Rock and Roll Manager makes three: And three ballet dancers!   Finally, we’d like to introduce you […]